Our Brand

Vianne is a Dubai-based professional makeup artist from the UK. Years of experience made her experiment with various tips and tricks for what it really takes to achieve flawless makeup application. Her promising skills met the immense passion to convey positive innovation and BOOM, Vianne was created.

The Vision

Our vision is to provide affordable luxury products with a twist of innovation. Vianne brings sanitary and reliable alternatives to traditional beauty tools. We aim to revolutionize current market trends and create tools that are far more convenient and practical than the rest. Apart from saving you the trouble of shopping around.


Traditional beauty sponges are great, sure. But there are a few common concerns we noticed time and time again until we decided to create a solution.

Do these complaints sound familiar to you?

I mean, you aim to use a few drops of your expensive foundation and you end up using half the bottle because your beauty sponge became greedy and ate it all. Are you going to let it freeload off your foundation and harvest bacteria for the rest of eternity?  

We want Clean, we want Affordable, Flawless and we want Less WastageSo, we kept the above concerns in mind and created the perfect sponge which experts swear by.