Our revolutionary silicone-infused 2 in 1 makeup sponge is utterly soft and squishy ⁠— designed to keep you on top of your makeup game and slay those #makeupgoals!

3 Shades Available

Average Rating


Silc.on sponge

Full Coverage

Limits Germs & Bacteria

Expands when

Less Wastage

Super Soft

good for liquid, creams or powder

Its silicone infusion pointed top picks up products without getting sucked into the sponge resulting in better and fuller coverage!

At the bottom is a latex-free sponge that's perfect for picking up any excess product to give you that flawless finish we all desire!

To avoid tears or rips we advice to squeeze delicately

We recommend cleaning your makeup sponge after every use to keep both your face and blender in good condition.


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My fav sponge ever! It doesn’t waste product and the sponge is the perfect shape which allows you to blend in large areas and small areas! I also love the case!
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I have used many sponges before but nothing has been as good as this sponge! The best thing about this sponge is that my foundation or concealer is not wasted and the way it blends it’s just PERFECT! Love this product and highly recommend it.
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I wish I could give this sponge “10x STARS” – It is such a good sponge and I love everything about it. Also the price is so affordable, thank you for your support & answering all my questions.
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Love this sponge! It gives me a flawless finish to my foundation and concealer! I couldn’t live without it!!!
Ghadeer Zaini
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Amazing product! Absolutely love it.
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I’m not one to write reviews or wear much make up for the matter but this sponge was amazing. I loved the packaging and the sponge was so nice to use even for a novice like me. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS, TRUST ME, YOU WONT REGRET IT!:)
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This sponge is honestly the best sponge ever!! For the price, and for what you get!! It’s super easy to blend and goes nice and big when it’s damp. I’d never purchase any other sponge again.. fast delivery and amazing customer service ❤️

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